of Yunnan Normal University comprehensively

Located in Kunming, "The City of Eternal Spring", "where flowers of all sort are blooming in a blaze of color and never wither and fall",Yunnan Normal University is a key university under the jurisdiction of the Yunnan Province Government.

It has a long history and cherishes a glorious tradition. In the past 46 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China, it has trained up to sixty thousand students, thus contributing greatly to the educational development of Yunnan Province.

The Main Gate  of State Southwest Associated UniversityThe Main Gate of State Southwest Associated University

Original of Yunnan Normal University is Teachers College of State Sorthwest Associated University in 1938 when the Anti-Janpenese War broke out, Beijing University, Qinghua University, and Nankai University amoved sorth to Kunming to form the State Sorthwest Associated University, which consisted of the Engineering College, the Science College, the Literal Arts college, the Law and commercial college and the Teachers College. The teachers and students of the State southwest Associated University scrupulously abided by the school motto "Resolute and steadfast, firm and outstanding," and held high the banner of patriotism, democracy, and sicence. Thus even under very difficult conditions, a large number of experts and scholars famous both at home and abroad were trained, and world famous achievements \ made. In 1946, the year after winning the war against Japan, the three universities returned to their original locations, leaving the Teacher's College in Kunming which was then called the State Kunming Teacher's College.

After the liberation, the college was officially named Kunming Teacher's College. In April, 1984, it was renamed Yunnan Normal University. Since the opening of Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Congress of C.P.C, following Comrade Deng Xiao-ping's thought that"the normal university should be run well", Yunnan Normal University has thoroughly carried out the Party's educational policy, carried forward and developed the glorious traditions of the Southwest Associated University, thus enbling a new mood of "Do scholarly research rigorously, unite and keep forging ahead, work hard to train talents, and become a paragon of virture and learning". The University has 4782 board students, 103 of them are post graduates. It also has 6280 correspondence students, and over 10,000 independent-study students.